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HyperSaas Features

HyperSaas: Powering Rapid SaaS Development

Welcome to the HyperSaas documentation! If you're looking to accelerate your SaaS development process, you're in the right place.

HyperSaas is a comprehensive SaaS boilerplate designed to streamline the process of building powerful, scalable, and efficient SaaS applications. By providing you with a strong foundation and a robust set of ready-to-use features, HyperSaas empowers you to focus on what truly matters: bringing your unique product vision to life.

Here's what you can expect from HyperSaas:

  1. Powerful Backend: Our backend is built with Python 3.11, Django 4, Django REST Framework, and PostgreSQL, and hosted on AWS. This powerful and scalable combination ensures that your application performs optimally under any load.
  2. Efficient Frontend: Our frontend leverages Next.js 14, React.js 18, and TypeScript, complemented by the utility-first Tailwind CSS and Shadcn components for rapid UI development. The result? A high-performing, SEO-friendly user interface that delivers an outstanding user experience.
  3. Ready-to-use Core Features: HyperSaas comes pre-loaded with core features such as user authentication, Stripe subscription payments, and multi-tenancy management with workspaces, teams, and invitations. This saves you time and effort, accelerating your development process.
  4. Comprehensive Documentation: This documentation serves as your guide to HyperSaas. It's designed to assist you in understanding our boilerplate structure, implementing additional features, and troubleshooting any issues you might encounter.

We're thrilled to have you onboard and look forward to seeing the incredible SaaS applications you'll create with HyperSaas. Let's get started on your journey towards faster, more efficient SaaS development!

Backend Technologies:

  1. Python 3.11: We use Python for its simplicity, versatility, and strong support for integration, making it ideal for backend development.
  2. Django 4: Django is a high-level Python web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. It takes care of much of the web development hassle, so you can focus on writing your app.
  3. Django REST Framework: A powerful, flexible toolkit for building Web APIs in Django. It's a robust framework that allows for rapid development of API endpoints.
  4. PostgreSQL: We chose PostgreSQL for its powerful, open-source object-relational database system. Known for its robustness and strong standards compliance.
  5. AWS: For cloud services, we rely on Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the most reliable, scalable, and broadly adopted cloud platforms in the world. You can deploy on other cloud providers, too.
  6. Docker & Docker Compose: These tools allow us to package our application along with its environment. This makes it easy to deploy and manage, regardless of the host system.
  7. Redis & Celery: Used for task queue management, these tools help to improve the user experience by performing background tasks asynchronously.
  8. Pre-Commit, Black, Flake8: To maintain code quality and consistency, we use these tools. Pre-commit manages and maintains pre-commit hooks, Black is an uncompromising Python code formatter, and Flake8 is a tool for style guide enforcement.

Frontend Technologies:

  1. Next.js 14 & React.js 18: For building our user interfaces, we use Next.js for its server-side rendering capabilities, coupled with React.js for its component-based approach to building user interfaces.
  2. TypeScript: We use TypeScript for its static typing features that can help catch errors early in the development process and makes codebase more maintainable. HyperSaas uses Zod as well for schema validation.
  3. Tailwind CSS: For styling our interfaces, we use Tailwind CSS. This utility-first CSS framework allows for rapid UI development.
  4. Shadcn Components: One of the most comprehensive UI kits for Tailwind and React applications.
  5. Radix UI: Radix UI provides us with a collection of low-level, unstyled, accessible, and composable UI components, helping us create a highly customizable design system.
  6. NextAuth for Authentication: For managing user authentication, we use NextAuth.js, a complete open-source authentication solution for Next.js applications.
  7. JWT Authentication: For secure transmission of information between parties, we use JWT Authentication, a compact and self-contained way for securely transmitting information.
  8. React Hook Form: HyperSaas uses React Hook Form to handle forms.
  9. ESLint: We use ESLint for analyzing and quickly fixing JavaScript code to maintain a high-quality, error-free codebase.
  10. Prettier: Prettier helps maintain a consistent code style across our codebase. It integrates with most editors and ensures that all code adheres to a specific style.
  11. Husky: Husky allows us to easily manage git hooks, helping us run scripts before commits, thus ensuring only tested and verified code is committed to the repository.
  12. Dark Mode: HyperSaaS comes with dark mode feature.

Each technology in our stack has been carefully chosen to provide you with a robust, scalable, and efficient tool for rapid SaaS development.