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  1. Making HyperSaas most comprehensive SaaS boilerplate with Django & React apps for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science applications.

    Integration with OpenAI GPT-4 apis and more...

  2. Frontend with ViteJS, Redux, React Router

    Create a frontend with ViteJS and Redux Toolkit for those who does not need Next.js

  3. Internationalization

    Create a multi-language React app

  4. Multi-tenant / Teams

    Users can create workspaces and teams and invite other users to collaborate on projects.

  5. Next.js 14 with app router

    Frontend with Next.js 14 and app router using Typescript and TailwindCSS and Shadcn UI.

  6. Multi-tenancy improvements

    Updates to the dashboard, new features, and more... HyperSaas now provides more features for multi-tenant applications. You can invite users to Workspaces and manage their permissions. Also, you can now create custom roles and permissions.